How to Attend Church Online

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Tips from Rodman Street Missionary Baptist Church for connecting through live stream worship services.

Get Out of Bed and Get Dressed
it will put you in the right mindset for worship

Go Through Your Normal Sunday Routine
minus the “hurry up, we’re late” part

Gather Together As A Family
no multitasking; worship is a family activity

Stream to Your Largest Screen If Possible
it will feel like you are really “there”

Sing Along Loud and Proud
it may feel weird, but it also feels weird to the people leading worship in an empty room

Preach With The Preacher
say amen, clap, shout and take notes; have a time of prayer at the end; make your home a sanctuary

Ready to live stream, visit RSMBC Live every Sunday at 10:00 am eastern for virtual worship service.

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