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The Scholarship ministry works with students to make sure they are eligible for the Church’s internal scholarship, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste”  and we let the students know we are there to support them financially with a one time scholarship and a book scholarship every year.  The Campus Ministry works with all students who are interested in helping them search for college scholarships.  Through monthly meetings students and families are walked through the entire process to assist them in being ready for college.  Students don’t have to search for scholarships as they are presented monthly with packets of hundreds of scholarship opportunities , the student just has to be motivated in putting in the work.

The Campus Ministry under new direction has had 60 families go through the process. On a average students have been awarded an estimate of $5,000.00, one student was able to pay for their entire college education with no loans all through scholarship opportunities.  Meetings are held the third Thursday of every month at Rodman Street Church.

This will be our third college fair. Each year the fair has attracted more students and universities.  We also invite agencies to come as resources for the students, Pheaa, NEED the Pittsburgh Promise and the Military.  This year we are expecting 25 colleges and universities to participate. The purpose is to bring the colleges/universities into the city for local students to be able to participate and engage with college representatives on a personal level in a quieter setting.  The initial undertaking three years ago was birthed through Rodman’s Campus and Scholarship Ministries.

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