New Member Q&A

Q: Where do I get my membership number?

A: Once you have completed the Right Hand of Fellowship, you should receive a copy of your membership number. However, if you forget your number you can call the church office to request it again. The church office number is (412)363-8082.

Q: If I have a crisis and need ministerial counsel, who should I contact?

A: If you have a crisis you should contact the Lay Minister assigned to you. If you cannot reach your Lay Minister you can contact the Deacon on Call. The deacon of the month is listed on the church’s website at Deacon on Call page.  You may also contact the Congregational Care Minister at the church office.

Q: How do I find out what is going on at Rodman?

A: The easiest way to keep up with current events at Rodman is by visiting the church website at Event Page.  Limited information on church events is available in the church bulletin.

Important Numbers:

Church Secretary, Eleanor McKissick (412) 363-8082 ext. 301

Business Manager, Pamela Hoston (412) 363-8082 ext. 312

Administrative Assistant to Pastor, Gwen Watkins ext. 315

Minister of Congregational Care, Rev. Taleeta Canady (412) 363-8082 ext. 314

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