Anatomy Of a Visit

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  1. Prayer prior to the phone call to set time for the visit
  2. Prayer prior to making the visit
  3. Identification – at the door or meeting place.  Give your name and state your purpose for being there.
  4. Small Talk – this can be about pictures, plants, pets, weather, job, etc.
  5. Inquiry about family, community, church, etc.  This kind of friendly conversation begins to build the relationship
  6. Sharing common interests and concerns, church news, faith.  This kind of conversation may provide helpful insight about the person’s walk with Christ
  7. Explanation of the Shepard’s Care Ministry – making sure they understand PACE.  Clarify expectations.  Let them know you are available for prayer or other needs.  Provide information that explains the ministry.
  8. Prayer before leaving.
  9. Departure – leaving graciously.  Do Not Overstay. Express your gratitude to them for receiving you.  State your expectations for another contact.
  10. Alertness and sensitivity – to their interests, needs, family situation, spiritual state.
  11. Logging the visit – this enables you to connect your visit so as to build a relationship and build the flock members’  faith.  Names of children and pets should be recorded.  Significant events should be logged.  Place of employment and school will be helpful data for the future.  A record of hobbies and interests will be helpful.  The best time and place for the next visit should be noted.
  12. Make out the First Visit Report and submit it.

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