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Wedding Ministry

Committed to serving as a liaison of the church to persons being married at RSMBC.

People with the following gifts would be beneficial:

  • Administration | Hospitality

 Marriage Ministry

This ministry focuses on the covenant relationship of marriage.  It is committed to building personally fulfilled and God-honoring marriages through small group experiences.

People with the following gifts would be beneficial:

  • Faith | Helps | Hospitality |Word of Wisdom

Wedding Policies

6111 Rodman Street & Collins Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Telephone:  (412) 363-8082

Dr. Darryl T. Canady, Pastor

Mrs. Sharon Grace, Wedding Coordinator

Being the church is likened to the Bride of Jesus Christ; all weddings performed therein are to be Christian in character, restricted primarily to the membership of this particular body of believers, with very few exceptions. (Ex; a near relative of a member such as: mother, father, sister, brother, niece, nephew, son, daughter or grandchild)

The Wedding Coordination Ministry exists to assist the Pastor and wedding party with all necessary planning of all weddings held at the Rodman Street Missionary Baptist Church to ensure that they are in direct adherence with Christian standard.

No Wedding shall be performed at Rodman without the pastor’s consent.  The pastor shall perform all weddings at the church except for rare occasions, which are to be authorized by him.

Your wedding is a sacred occasion, and a very important moment in your lives.  It is our desire to assist you in your planning so that your wedding will not only be beautiful, but will also be an exciting and spiritual experience.  For that reason, it is necessary for everyone involved to comply with the policies outlined in this document.  We sincerely believe that these policies are the most suitable and practical for all concerned.  These policies are based upon past experiences and are designed to protect the church and ensure equitable situations for all that are planning weddings at Rodman.  Members and non-members of Rodman Street Missionary Baptist Church are responsible for a deposit of $100.00 which will cover any damages; however, any damages that cannot be covered by the security deposit are the sole responsibility of the Bride and Groom.   THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THESE POLICIES; THEREFORE, YOU SHOULD READ THIS DOCUMENT CAREFULLY PRIOR TO SIGNING.  YOUR COOPERATION IS GREATLY APPRECIATED.

Reserving your Date & Time

  • Weddings may be held in the church sanctuary (500 seats), the Pastor’s office, or a private home.  Regardless of the chosen venue, the availability of the Senior Pastor must be verified with the Pastor’s Secretary Frances Jordan  who can be reached at (412) 363-1763
  • Careful planning is necessary for all weddings, request for wedding dates must be submitted at least six months prior and the required deposit has to be paid in order to secure your date on the church calendar.   Please contact the Church Secretary Eleanor McKissick at (412) 363-8082 Ext 1.
  • Once the date and time and availability of the Pastor have been confirmed, and upon receipt of a signed contract, and deposit, your wedding date will be secured.  Your wedding will then be entered on the church’s official calendar.  You will have 15 days from the date of receiving your wedding contract to secure your date
  • You will be assigned a liaison who will contact you and coordinate and schedule all meetings and classes that are required before your wedding day. She will also familiarize you with the facilities and services available at the church

Counseling Sessions

  • Pre-marital counseling sessions will be held at the Rodman Street Missionary Baptist Church which will be conducted by our Counseling Ministry.  Your counseling sessions will consist of 3 pre-marital counseling sessions, Each session is 2 hours, (Both parties must attend).    Additionally you must complete the “Prepare & Enrich Assessment” The Cost of the Assessment is $35. 


  • A total of three (3) hours is allowed for your wedding.  This includes two (2) hours for the ceremony and pictures, and one (1) hour for pre-wedding preparatory time.  We have found this to be an adequate amount of time for even the largest of weddings
  • Friday weddings will be held between 4:00 and 6:00 pm
  • Saturday weddings will be held between the hours of 11:00 AM and 5:00 PM.


  • The rehearsal for a Friday wedding will be held on the Thursday prior to the wedding and will last for one (1) hour
  • The rehearsal for a Saturday wedding will be held on the Friday prior to the wedding and will last for one (1) hour


During the rehearsal, both men and women must adhere to the dress code:

  • Women may wear:  pants, dresses, blouses, shirts, jeans and skirts (NO CUT OFF SHIRTS, HALTERS, TANK TOPS, OR SHORTS ARE TO BE WORN ON THE CHURCH PREMISES
  • Men may wear: dress pants, and nylon jogging suits, jeans, and shirts.  (NO SHORTS, SWEAT PANTS, TANK TOPS, OR CUT OFF SHIRTS ARE TO BE WORN ON THE CHURCH PREMISES.)
  • Dressing rooms are available for both male and female participants in the wedding party

Directors & Coordinators

Outside directors & coordinators are permitted to direct rehearsals and weddings at Rodman but they must adhere to the church’s guidelines. If you do not have a coordinator for your Wedding, your church wedding liaison will recommend one and you can make the necessary arrangements with her.  Any agreements made regarding a reception outside of the church are not covered by this contract (There will be a fee for services rendered)

  • If you already have a Wedding Coordinator, they must meet with the Wedding Liaison to make sure that all aspects of your Wedding are compatible with the Wedding guidelines
  • Private weddings, which are held in the Pastor’s office, will be assigned a liaison but they will not be present at the wedding unless directed to do so by the Pastor


  • All music must be approved by the Minister of Worship & Arts (MOWA) and/or his designee. The MOWA and the Church’s Wedding coordinator reserve the right to deny the use of any music, which they deem inappropriate in maintaining the dignity and sanctity of the occasion
  • Musical selections must be submitted to your wedding liaison at least one (1) month prior to your wedding date  
  • The church has a selection of musicians from which you may choose an organist or pianist.  If you choose to use the Rodman Music Ministry staff, please contact your wedding liaison and she will contact the Minister of Worship & Arts with your wedding day information. This fee is not covered under this agreement
  • There are vocalists also available, or you may select someone from outside of the church.  However, this fee is not covered under this agreement
  • Tapes and/or CD’s are permitted.  However, the same guidelines apply
  • All CD’s and tapes used for the wedding are to be labeled.   Each song is to be listed as to its use; (ex:  seating of parents…processional…entrance of bride)  A form will be available for completion when you meet with your Wedding Liaison

Photography & Videography

  • Flash photography is not permitted in the sanctuary once the ceremony begins.  The only exception is the processional/recessional of the Bridal Party
  • There is to be no picture taking during the formal ceremony (exchanging of the vows).  Upon completion of the processional, only non-flash cameras can be used for pictures.  The sanctuary will be available for picture taking after the ceremony
  • Pictures may be taken in the sanctuary following the ceremony
  • This applies to your professional photographer, as well as your guests
  • A video of the ceremony may be taken provided it is done unobtrusively
  • The only Photographer and/or Video-grapher permitted to set up equipment in the pulpit area are those persons contracted by the bride and groom. Names must be submitted to the wedding liaison

Florist & Decorations

  • Floral arrangements are the responsibility of the couple
  • Two (2) floor-standing candelabras are available for your use.  The church will provide candles  
  • If desired, the church will provide a brass holder for the unity candles.  You are responsible for providing the candles
  • We recommend 10 to 12-inch tapers for the side candles, and a center candle, which is between 3 and 4 inches in diameter
  • Pew bows if desired are the responsibility of the couple
  • Bows must be attached with ribbons, rubber bands, elasticized thread, or metal/plastic clips.  No tape, tacks, or other adhesives may be used
  • The aisle runner (crash) should be 75 feet in length.  The couple must provide it


  • The balance due must be paid in full by cash, cashiers check, or money order at least thirty (30) days prior to the date of the wedding.  All checks are to be made payable to: Rodman Street Missionary Baptist Church, (RSMBC).  Failure to comply may mean cancellation of the wedding.

Cancellations or Changes


  • You will receive a full refund of all monies paid 60 days prior to the cancellation of your wedding date, unless an emergency situation has occurred. (RSMBC has the right to determine what constitutes an emergency)  Cancellation of your wedding date during the 60 day time period will result in a $25 per week fee assessment that will be deducted from your security deposit
  • Changes

Please notify your wedding liaison of any changes such as time, telephone number or address.  If we cannot reach you to verify your wedding, your date may be removed from the calendar

Additional Policies

  • Receptions may be held on the lower level of the church, immediately following the ceremony.  The couple must provide caterer, servers, decorations, etc. Kitchen facilities are available on the lower level of the church
  • No alcoholic beverages or intoxicating substances are allowed on the church premises
  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the building
  • No rice, birdseed or confetti may be thrown inside or outside of the building
  • Flower Girls are permitted to toss flower petals during the processional
  • Violence, foul language, destruction of church property, or disrespect of the church staff will not be tolerated
  • The church does not supply: paper cups, plates, plastic ware, napkins, table cloths, or aisle runners
  • Bring marriage license, wedding rings, unity candles and programs to rehearsal
  • Items rented from outside vendors must be picked by 12 pm on the Monday following the wedding.  (No Exceptions)

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